Street Art in RVK

A short moodboard of some of the absolutely fantastic street art that makes Reykjavík so dang colorful. I’ve found awesome inspiration under the midnight sun over the past few days. Lovely color, pattern, and illustration to spark some new ideas in my own work. The solstice extremes here provide some interesting landscapes to create art against. Definitely something to write home about! #postinpostfloral

❤ H Lee


Pattern Play

A quick plug on the hip hop showcase series I’ve been designing posters for! If you’re in the Portland area come by Kelly’s Olympian tomorrow night. Hear some amazing acts and maybe take home a rad pretty promo piece!

I love creating this series because it gives me a chance to integrate pattern in a new way for a somewhat unexpected viewer. POSTFLORAL is an awesome platform to share pattern and color with one of my other deep loves.

Tell ya ma! See ya at the show.

❤ H Lee



Translating Landscape

I had the opportunity to spend the fall of 2015 in East Iceland on a design residency. While there were so many amazing facets of my time there, I revisited the mountainous landscape as continuous inspiration for my pattern work. I fell in love with the raw edges of these peaks and found the overwhelming sense of isolation they imposed somewhat of a comfort in the safety of their stature.

My travel diary/sketchbook from this trip is filled with blind interpretations of varying ranges, each a unique translation of the incredible backdrop I was experiencing. I loved the way these lines have made their way into more of my general aesthetic. It was an interesting challenge to create memorable marks. That is to say, artists/designers flock to Iceland for a reason — it’s really fugging gorgeous. So how was my visual interpretation of East Iceland specific to my aesthetic and provide a different insight into my experience there? I kept that question in the back of my mind when investigating the visual history of the region and later, developing a visual language based off of my research and interaction with the landscape.

One of my favorite sketches out of this time is based around this approach, and while it may not be a traditional landscape scene, it is absolutely a truthful rendition of my time there.


More to come on this experience, and approaches to illustrative documentation in general.

❤ H Lee


Travel Diaries + Mail Art

After some brainstorming around where I’d like to take POSTFLORAL, I’m excited to share some new restructuring. I’ll be posting around a monthly theme to better contextualize my work and provide a platform for research and finding inspiration. Moodboard Mondays will happen around this theme and at the end of each month I will be posting a fully realized Pattern Story (more to come on that :)) on Pinterest, with all original work, photography, and art direction.

I’ll be working to collaborate with interesting folks/brands, because I believe pattern can’t exist in a vacuum. There are so many opportunities to push surface pattern and learn from others in their own practice.

Getting started on this beautiful Memorial Day off, which I’m incredibly grateful for, is June’s theme – ALL EYES ON ICELAND. I’m taking a two week trip in the next few days to one of my favorite places in the world! This month I’m talking all about pattern, travel, and mail art. What are best practices for creating work on the go? What are the best tools and documentation styles to truly capture a location? How can I really interpret a landscape into pattern design?

I’ve found some awesome inspiration to kick off June’s Pattern Story all around travel diaries and mail art! There are so many amazing ways to capture and share your travels. Bringing the right creative tools to paint en plein air or quickly sketch a passing scene are so important for documenting a trip in a way that makes sense to you. Travel diaries are so personal, but can provide a truly unique insight into the travel experience. It’s interesting to see how these travel diaries translate into a shared medium. Snail mail has infinite potential to help your personal experience reach across oceans in a way social media can’t sometimes.

I’m excited to share my partner for June later this week, that will really exemplify the importance of a shared experience. Stay tuned and check out the POSTFLORAL Travel Diaries + Mail Art Moodboard!

<3H Lee


Monday Moodboard – Hope Springs Escapism

Had an awesome time exploring new illustration at Linework NW this weekend (more to come on that this week.) Was into the pink feels and bright vibes all through the expo.

I’m working to create more original content for these moodboards, including several new simple pattern designs in this board! Share with ya frands, and take some AM inspiration😀

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❤ HLee


Monday Moodboard – Gazelle Population

Getcha AM started right with a lil bit of floral/rainbow/gradient imagery. Lovin some bright color today! This Monday’s moodboard is inspired by our last Textile Hive Draw Night. Found some incredible florals (notably some classic Vera silk scarves) to pull motif from. I love putting together these boards to help contextualize pattern for a wider audience, and am hoping to pull more of my own work in as I grow POSTFLORAL. Hope you can find a little inspiration here!

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Draw Night at the Textile Hive

We had a great evening at the Textile Hive on Wednesday. We pulled out some unique, beautifully colored samples for our group to take inspiration from, and we each got to pursue the collection to see if there were any pieces that jumped out. The number of textiles in the collection is overwhelming! It was great to have a few selected to structure some of our drawings.

There were some fantastic Japanese prints that were added to the table that featured some very delicate line work and interesting youthful patterns. Caleb (who manages the collection) brought up the orientation of some of the Japanese patterns – patterns intended for kimono fabric need to have multi-oriented objects within their motifs to accommodate the multi-directional folds of the kimono. Such an interesting way to contextualize patterns! A great example of form following function.

We’re aiming to continue the draw night at the Textile Hive once a month, with a different theme for each event. Hopefully we will be able to include some speakers in the next upcoming events to add context to the collection and help make this rich resource more accessible to the awesome maker community in Portland.

Thanks to Textile Hive for hosting!